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Ford TorqShift 10R140 (TorqShift 10)

Ford TorqShift 10 Transmission Specs

The 10R140 TorqShift ('TorqShift 10') is a ten speed automatic transmission introduced for the 2020 model year in Ford Super Duty applications. The 10R140 features Ford's "Live Drive" stationary power take-off (PTO) system, which boasts a 300 lb-ft maximum torque rating. Ford's TorqShift 10 replaces the previous 6R140 6 speed automatic transmission that has been standard since the inception of the 6.7L Power Stroke diesel for the 2011 model year Super Duty.

Beginning with 2020 model year trucks, the 10R140 is standard on all 7.3L gas and 6.7L turbodiesel equipped Super Dutys in addition to all F-350 models equipped with the 6.2L gas V-8; the 10R140 is optional on F-250 models equipped with the 6.2L V-8, however the 6R140 is the standard transmission on these models. The 10 speed transmission is also standard on all F-350/F-450/F-550 chassis cab trucks, but the 6 speed TorqShift has been carried over for F-650/F-750 trucks.

The 10R140 is not to be confused with the 10R80 10 speed automatic transmission found in the Ford F-150 that was co-developed between General Motors and Ford Motor Company, nor is it an adaptation of the lighter duty transmission. Both the gear spread and physical design of the two 10 speed transmissions differs and there are minimal, if any shared components. Like previous transmissions sharing the TorqShift namesake, the 10R140 utilizes an adaptive learning strategy that perpetually monitors transmission function and modifies the shift schedule to create positive, seamless gear shifts regardless of driving conditions. The transmission also features 4 driving modes, which alter the transmission shift schedule based on road conditions. The selectable drive modes are normal, tow/haul, economy (eco), and deep sand/snow; they are initiated via a control on the column mounted gear shifter.

The transition from a 6 speed transmission to a 10 speed transmission reduces the step between gear ratios and provides a larger selection of ratios to select from based on driving conditions. In theory, the advantages include smoother shifts, relatively seamless power control due to the number of available ratios, and a better balance of performance and fuel economy as a result of the ability to keep the engine RPMs within an optimal range at all times. The relatively low 4.615 to 1 first gear ratio offers favorable torque multiplication at low speeds while the 0.632 final overdrive offers low RPMs at highway speeds.

Ford TorqShift 10 Speed Ratios




4.615 : 1


2.919 : 1


2.132 : 1


1.773 : 1


1.519 : 1


1.277 : 1


1.00 : 1


0.85 : 1


0.687 : 1


0.632 : 1


4.695 : 1

Ford TorqShift 10R140 Specs


Ford Motor Company 10R140 "TorqShift 10"


10 speed automatic transmission, rear wheel drive


TorqShift 6R140 ('TorqShift 6')

Model Years/Applications:

2020+ Ford Super Duty

Case Material:

Cast aluminum


~ 330 lbs w/o fluid

PTO Provisions:

Driver side of transmission, "Live Drive" PTO system, stationary and in-motion PTO operation, max 300 lb-ft torque output (stationary rating)

Transmission Fluid Spec (ATF):

Motorcraft/Ford MERCON ULV

Transmission Fluid Capacity [1]:

~18 quarts (varies slightly with engine model/type)

Transmission Filter:

Motorcraft FT-221

Service Intervals:

Replace transmission fluid and filter every 150,000 miles regardless of driving type/conditions


• Selectable drive modes that offer alternative shift schedules based on road/terrain conditions
• Adaptive learning strategy
• High output stationary power take-off provisions
• Lightweight; only 3.5 lbs heavier than the 6 speed TorqShift transmission
• Utilizes ultra-low viscosity automatic transmission fluid for improved efficiency and lower transmission losses

[1] Dry fill capacity; service refill may vary considerably

Ford 10R140 automatic transmission

Ford 10R140 TorqShift 10 speed automatic transmission