3.2L Power Stroke Service Guide

3.2L Power Stroke Maintenance schedule & Service Info (Ford Transit)

Your vehicle may require more frequent service if any of the following conditions apply:

• Vehicle is idled excessively (idles more than 10 minutes in a 60 minute window)

• Vehicle is used to tow and/or haul

• Vehicle is driven off-road and/or in dusty conditions

• Biodiesel fuels are used

"Severe" service intervals should be substituted where applicable if any of these conditions apply.

3.2L Power Stroke Maintenance Schedule


Service Interval


Replace engine air filter

30,000 miles

Inspect air filter at every oil change and replace as necessary; replace @ 30,000 miles regardless

Replace foam engine pre-filter

45,000 miles

Inspect foam pre-filter at every oil change and replace as necessary; replace @ 45,000 miles regardless

Change engine oil and oil filter

10,000 miles (normal)
3,000 miles/6 months (severe)

Replace engine oil as indicated by the intelligent oil life monitoring system; replace at 3,000 miles/6 months if operating off-road or in dusty conditions

Replace fuel filter

30,000 miles

Replace at 30,000 miles OR any time the water-in-fuel indicator is illuminated

Replace engine coolant, perform cooling system service

100,000 miles/6 years initially
50,000 miles/3 years thereafter

Cooling system service includes upper/lower hose, radiator/overflow tank cap, thermostat, and coolant flush

Replace engine serpentine belt

150,000 miles

Inspect serpentine belt condition at every oil change and replace as necessary

Replace automatic transmission fluid and filter

150,000 miles

Check automatic transmission fluid level at oil change intervals and add as necessary

Replace rear differential fluid

150,000 miles

Synthetic gear oil required; replace every 3,000 miles/3 years if using conventional gear oil. Replace immediately if differential/axle is submerged in water.


3.2L Power Stroke Service Part Numbers

Part Description

Ford/Motorcraft Part Number(s)

Engine air filter


Motorcraft FA-1921

Air filter

Motorcraft FA-1916

Engine oil filter

Motorcraft FL-500S

Engine oil pan drain plug

Ford F6TZ-6730-BA

Engine oil fill cap

Motorcraft EC-790

Fuel filter

Motorcraft FD-4621

Serpentine belt

Motorcraft JK71223

Belt tensioner assembly

Motorcraft BT-125 (Ford BB3Z-6A22-A)

Glow plug

Motorcraft ZD-19 (Ford CK4Z-12A342-A)

Glow plug control module (GPCM)

Motorcraft DY-1344 (Motorcraft DY-1276, Ford CK4Z-12B533-B)


Ford BB3Z-8A586-A (includes o-ring/seal)

Thermostat housing gasket

Ford W704553S300

Coolant overflow tank cap

Motorcraft RS-531 (Ford DG9Z-8100-A)

Upper radiator hose

Motorcraft KM-6514 (Motorcraft KM-5256)

Lower radiator hose

Motorcraft KM-6774 (Motorcraft KM-5258, KM-5613)

Differential gasket

Dana RD52003

Transmission filter

Motorcraft FT-161


3.2L Power Stroke Fluid Specs and Capacities


Fluid/Oil Spec

Fluid Capacity [1]

Engine Oil [2]

Ambient temperature > -20° F

SAE 5W-40 or 5W-30 full synthetic

12.0 qts w/ filter

All temps

SAE 0W-30 or 0W-40 full synthetic

Engine coolant

Motorcraft orange engine coolant
Motorcraft VC-3-B (concentrate)
Motorcraft VC-3DIL-B (pre-diluted)

13.9 qts w/out auxiliary heater
15.3 qts w/ auxiliary heater

Transmission fluid

Motorcraft MERCON LV automatic transmission fluid

13.1 qts total transmission fluid capacity

Rear differential fluid

SAE 75W-85 full synthetic gear oil

2.9 qts w/ limited slip differential
3.0 qts w/out limited slip differential

Friction modifier [3]

Motorcraft XL-3 friction modifier

4.0 fl oz

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Motorcraft PM27GAL [4]

5.5 gallons

[1] Fluid capacities are nominal; service refill capacities may vary. Always fill to appropriate dipstick indicator or applicable fill plug level.

[2] 5W-40 engine oil preferred in ambient temperatures greater than 0° F; 0W-30/0W-40 should be substituted if temperature is expected to drop below -20° F. 5W-40 engine oil required if using biodiesel blends in excess of B5. Recommend Amsoil Heavy Duty 5W-40 full synthetic motor oil.

[3] Friction modifier only required for models equipped with limited slip rear differential.

[4] Or other suitable diesel exhaust fluid; do NOT dilute or attempt to dilute DEF.