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1999 - 2004 Ford Super Duty Front Wheel Hub Replacement

1999-2004 Ford F-250/F-350/F-450/F-550 4x4 Front Hub Replacement Guide

Applicable Models:

1999 - 2004 Ford F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550 Super Duty

Applicable Engine(s):

All gas & diesel engines

Applicable Differential(s):

Dana 60 front (4 wheel drive)

Four wheel drive 1999 to 2004 Ford F-250/F-350/F-450/F-550 Super Duty models feature a sealed, non-serviceable front wheel hub assembly. Unlike a traditionally wheel hub, the bearings and bearing races cannot be removed and replaced. Instead, the entire wheel hub is removed and replaced as an assembly. The replacement process is not terribly difficult or time consuming, but the hub assemblies are somewhat expensive. Although replacing the wheel hubs in pairs is ideal, it is not required and you only really need to replace one if it is found to bad. A failed hub will generally present itself with a growling noise coming from the front of the vehicle that changes with vehicle speed (i.e. the sound becomes louder or changes in pitch as vehicle speed increases).

1999 - 2004 Super Duty Wheel Hub Replacement Parts List

The following parts list includes all necessary and recommended replacement items in addition to optional/replace as needed parts for servicing a wheel hub assembly on a 1999 to 2004 four wheel drive F-250/F-350/F-450/F-550 Super Duty. Refer to "remarks" column for additional information on the listed part.

Part Description

Part Number(s)


Front wheel hub & bearing assembly

F-250/SRW F-350

Motorcraft HUB223


DRW F-350/450/550

Motorcraft HUB11

Wheel bearing assembly/steering knuckle seals

Yellow o-ring

Ford F81Z-4A322-AA


Brown o-ring

Ford 5C3Z-3254-B

4 wheel drive vacuum locking hub

Ford 1C3Z-3B396-CB


4 wheel drive vacuum locking hub o-ring/seal kit

Ford 4C3Z-1K106-AA


Wheel hub stud/nut


Ford F81Z-1107-AA



Ford F81Z-1120-AA

Spindle washer kit

Ford F81Z-3B458-AA


Spindle snap ring

Dana-Spicer QU40155


Brake hardware kit

Motorcraft BRPK5660


Wheel bearing grease

Motorcraft XG-11
Timken GR224
Lucas Oil 10574
Amsoil Synthetic GPTR22CR


[1] Dana 60 axle, includes ABS sensor.
[2] Yellow o-ring is included with the replacement wheel hub assembly and seals the outer circumference of the wheel hub to the inner circumference of the steering knuckle. Brown o-ring seals the rear of the wheel hub assembly to the axle shaft plate; it is reusable if not damaged, or is serviced as a kit in 5C3Z-3254-B.
[3] Recommended; o-ring can be reused if not damaged, but a leak will cause the automatic locking hub function to fail.
[4] Studs are included with the wheel hub assembly; nuts can be reused if not damaged.
[5] (3) washer set; washers can be reused if not damaged.
[6] Can be reused; replace if damaged.
[7] A high temperature NLGI #2 wheel bearing grease is required to lubricate the wheel hub needle bearings and various o-rings prior to installation. Most high temp wheel bearing grease is red in color, although there are exceptions.

How to Replace the Wheel Hub on a 1999 to 2004 Ford Super Duty (F-250/F-350/F-450/F-550)

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front wheel hub with tire remobed

• With the vehicle parked on a level surface, engage the parking brake and raise the front of the vehicle. Support the front axle with jack stands and block the rear tires.

• Remove the front tire from the hub assembly you wish to replace.

• Remove the brake caliper and hang it from the frame with of piece of wire; do not hang by the brake line. The caliper slide bolts require a 17 mm socket.

• Remove the brake pads and caliper bracket (21 mm socket), then the brake rotor.

ABS sensor wire and connector

• Trace the ABS sensor wire from the top of the steering knuckle to behind the bottom edge of the inner fender and unhook it from all clips that secure it to the four wheel drive vacuum/brake lines and frame (as applicable). Disconnect the ABS sensor connector mounted behind the bottom edge of the inner fender rock guard.

ABS sensor retainer bracket

• Remove the single bolt securing the ABS sensor/wire at the top of the steering knuckle with an 8 mm socket.

4 wheel drive hub assembly removal

• Remove the large snap ring from the 4 wheel drive locking hub by pressing each tab inwards towards each other, then pulling outwards over the hub.

• Remove the 4 wheel drive locking hub by pulling outwards; the hub may be tight, but there is no longer any mechanical connection securing it to the hub. Rock side-to-side while pulling outward if hub is difficult to remove. If hub is damaged during removal, it should be replaced.

4 wheel drive hub removed

• Remove the large snap ring located on the axle stub shaft. Clean the snap ring and set aside.

removing wheel hub thrust washers

• Remove the series of washers behind the snap ring; (1) circular, (1) hex, (1) circular (in that order). Clean the washers and set aside.

front wheel hub assembly retaining studs and nuts

• Remove the (4) nuts securing the wheel hub assembly to the steering knuckle with a 21 mm socket (located on the backside of the steering knuckle). The nuts are difficult to see, but easy enough to reach with the appropriate socket and a small extension.

If the nuts prove difficult to remove, spray them with a penetrating lubricant, allow it to soak, then re-attempt. For extremely stubborn nuts, spray with penetrating lubricant repeatedly and allow to soak for several hours.

steering knuckle being positioned

• You may turn the steering wheel as necessary to re-orient the steering knuckle and obtain better access to the wheel hub nuts.

wheel hub removed from steering knuckle

• Remove the wheel hub assembly from the steering knuckle. You may need to tap the hub with a hammer as you pull it away from the knuckle; they can be stubborn. Do not damage the brake rotor rock shield, which will be removed with the wheel hub.

inner wheel hub o-ring

• Inspect the large o-ring located behind the wheel hub in the steering knuckle. If it is not damaged, it may reused and there is no reason to remove it. Clean any dirt/debris from inside the steering knuckle.

new Ford wheel hub assembly

• Note that the replacement wheel hub includes studs and (1) yellow o-ring.

installing wheel hub o-ring and greasing pilot bearing

• Lubricate the o-ring with wheel bearing grease, then install it into the appropriate groove.

• Thoroughly grease the needle bearing at the rear of the hub assembly (opposite the wheel studs) with a high temperature wheel bearing grease.

installing wheel hub studs

• Install the studs into the rear of the hub assembly hand tight; threadlocker is optional.

installing brake rotor rock guard

• Install the brake rotor rock shield over the rear of the hub assembly in the appropriate orientation, maneuvering the ABS sensor wire through the correct slot in the rock shield.

greasing inner wheel hub o-ring

• Lube the large o-ring in the steering knuckle (and install if it is being replaced) with wheel bearing grease. Lightly lube the axle shaft and interior contact surfaces of the steering knuckle with wheel bearing grease.

new front wheel hub installed

• Install the new wheel hub assembly in the reverse order it was removed. Torque nuts to 133 lb-ft in a criss-cross sequence. (Recommend torquing nuts to ~ 60 lb-ft, then to final torque of 133 lb-ft).

wheel hub spinder nut installed

• Reinstall the series of washers over the stub shaft; the order is (1) circular washer, then the hex shaped washer, and finally the last circular washer.

• Reinstall the snap ring in front of the washers, ensuring that it is properly secured in its groove before continuing.

4 wheel drive locking hub o-ring

• Examine the o-ring on the 4 wheel drive locking hub; if damaged, it should be replaced. A leak will cause problems with the auto locking function.

• Lubricate the o-ring on the 4 wheel drive locking hub with wheel bearing grease.

4 wheel drive hub installed

• Reinstall the 4 wheel drive locking hub by inserting it into the wheel hub assembly and then installing the lock ring.

brake parts reinstalled

• Reinstall the brake rotor, followed by the brake caliper bracket; use high strength threadlocker on the brake caliper bracket bolts.

• Reinstall the brake pads and appropriate hardware.

• Reinstall the brake caliper.

brake rotor reinstalled

• Secure the ABS sensor to the top of the steering knuckle (single 8 mm bolt for bracket). Secure the ABS sensor wire with all appropriate clips.

• Connector ABS sensor wire to harness connector at rear of inner fender rock guard.

• Reinstall tire, torque lug nuts, and test for proper/smooth operation of wheel hub assembly.